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Born Not Manufactured

Born Not Manufactured

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Supporting a football club is a lifetime passion, but even the most dedicated of fans never gets the chance to truly understand what goes on behind the scenes at one of the game’s biggest institutions. These days training grounds are no-go areas and modern players distance themselves from those who idolise them. Even the game’s most influential journalists no longer gain access to football’s inner sanctums.

In a lifetime covering football, Ken Rogers had access that his modern counterparts can only dream of. A former Northern Sports Journalist
of the Year, he worked through the reigns of 23 Merseyside football managers in a career spanning 45 years, much of that time as chief
football writer and then sports editor of the Liverpool Echo.

Ken is the boy from Everton who grew up to chart the inside track of Everton FC from 1967 to 2014, including the most successful phase in the club’s history under Howard Kendall. For years Ken spent almost every day at the Bellefield training ground to gain a unique insight into stories that are now part of club folklore.

He secured some of the biggest exclusives about transfers and even the sale of the club, but he also witnessed the ups, the downs, and
the inside battling that encapsulates the cutthroat nature of top-flight football. He travelled on the team bus during pre-season tours, and
became so trusted that he was even with the manager during a late-night transfer swoop for one of Britain’s biggest stars.

In writing this book, Ken Rogers didn’t want to produce another history title, but a publication packed with personal stories that will inspire fans and make them smile, but also shock and surprise them. There will never be another Everton Football Club book like this because no outsider will ever again get an ‘Access All Areas’ pass to go behind the scenes.

'Ken wasn't just a journalist covering the Blues, he was a friend, adviser and confidante to the club's players and officials. The access he was allowed was unrivalled and this is reflected in the eye-popping stories he unveils.'
- Dave Prentice, Liverpool Echo Sport Editor

'There will probably never be another Everton Football Club book like Born Not Manufactured because no outsider will ever again get such an Access All Areas pass to go behind the scenes'
- Anton Rippon, Sports Journalists' Association

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